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I have a 1961 Topps Mickey Mantle MVP #475 that my dad gave me about five years ago. My dad had two of the same card and gave me one and my brother one. However, I noticed that when the cards were side by side that my card was missing the black line that separates the red color from the white border. My dad stated that he believes that all of his cards were obtained by him when he was a kid. My dad stated that he is sure these two cards came directly from a Topps bubble gum pack he would have bought from the local five and dime store when he was about 8 or 9 years old. I have kept my eyes open every time I go into a card store and search on Ebay and have not seen any other 1961 Topps cards without the black line. I have spoken to several card dealers in the area and they state that they have never seen this. Could you please help me identify what the card is? A misprint, variation, printing error, special issue, etc?

If it is something rare I would like to get it graded. I would prefer to get it authenticated and graded on-site at a card show or something of that sort. Are there any card shows that your company would have a booth at where I could get this card graded or authenticated while at the show. I am contemplating traveling to the 45th Sun Times Sports Collectibles Show in Chicago, IL on 11/17/2012 and 11/18/2012. I am hesitant on sending it through the mail. Could you please give me any info you have on how the process of on-site grading works and if I could get this card on-site graded. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


never seen that either... you should grade it or authenticate it regardless to protect it and maybe they can give you more insight on if its a variation, early printing etc.
Ok Thank you. Has anybody else seen this before? What do you think the value would be if authenticated and put in auction?
if it is in fact nothing special, you're probably looking at around $100. if its rare, youre looking at a mortgage payment
If it's rare I was hoping that it would be worth not a "mortgage payment" but my "mortgage" instead, lol.
i been collecting Mantle, and yet to own one of those cards. I looked around, and not seen one like it.
Has anyone else ever seen this? Or any other type of printing error on a Mickey Mantle card that would be somewhat equivelant? Just wondering the rarity and the value...
go get it graded
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