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Hello Folks,,I am new to the site.
I need any help concerning a -Team Signed baseball.
I have a--Wilson Official Pacific Coast League baseball with original box and wax paper that has been Signed by
--1941 Spokane Indians--Western International League Class b--
--It has been signed by 18 players--
---Dwight Aden---
---Frank Milani---
---Ken Reid---
---Russ Lebeck---
---Pete Hughes---
---Marty Martinez---
---Mike Budnick---
---Bill Beard---
---Murray o Flynn---
---Ken Myers---
---Damon Hays---
---Levi Mccormack---
---Bob Kinnaman---
---Chet Rosenlund---
---Will Lanning---
---Vic Buccola---
---Joe Gedzius---
---Ray Jacobs---

My question is-Is the baseball worth having the autographs certified and graded?

Any help will be appreciated--Thanks
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