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Took a short trip to the LCS to see if they were open and to see how everyone faired after Hurricane Sandy. All was OK with everyone there. Checked out the wax and they had just got shipments of Certified and Gridiron. I was only gonna get some packs but the opened boxes had minimal left so I bought a box of Certified.


Started slow:
Devery Henderson GU/99
Dwayne Allen GU/299
Dan Fouts FOTG/199

At this point I thought it was an absolute dud box. Not even 2 AUs! Uck!
My fortunes turned on the last pack of the box!

RGIII Fabric Of The Game AU/25!!!!!

[Image: ?action=view&]
Great hit, but can't see the scan ... well done! RJ
Yea, don't know why scan won't show. Pic in my bucket if you'd like to see. Thanks!
Nice hit, here you go.
[Image: 20121031_133949.jpg]
Thats awesome.
englandhousehold- Thanks for helping out with the scan!

robsvideos- Thanks!
Sweet rg3 !
Such a cool card! Wish it could have been more than one color but eh, beggars can't be choosers right? LOL
Damn. Great pull congrats
Magnifico21- Yea, multicolor would've been cooler but a FOTG AU is awesome nonetheless!

mtadams2- Thanks!
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