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Full Version: Score one for Topps
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So like most of you I have been waiting forever (2 Years) for some of my redemptions. After getting sick of waiting and called Topps to see what the problem was.

Of course i get the same answer and no they cant explain to me how Phil Davis has 4 relics since 2010 Knockout yet they have not made his KO relic redemption yet. I was advised by the CSR not to swap out any of my redemptions because their replacement stock was low.

He said he would make it up to me.....I received 2 packs of 2012 UFC Finest in the mail for my troubles....the first pack had a Chael Sonnen Jumbo Mat relic, not too bad. Pack #2 had a Parallel Bloodliens #d/25 Dual Autograph of Dan Hardy and Michael Bisping. (and no it wasnt a redemption, which would have been my luck). S o as much as I have bashed Topps, I think they were pretty solid in this case.
Maybe I should do the same thing that you did, been waiting about 2 years for my 2010 KO GSP TUF Coach Auto which I will never get.

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