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So i went to the LCS as it says and got me my first baseball box in....many many years. Got me a Bowman Chrome Hobby and got some decent cards. None of the chrome is for trade until the prices get released on here. So i will do pics on those later, just 2 colored refractors, one prospect and michael morse. then the auto was B. Miller for Seattle I forget his first name at the moment. anyways,

So then I went to the other store which has a ton more BB and i decided to get some jumbos. so i got 4 update and one series 1 i believe it was. well here is everything that is for trade. Also I opened one pack of Goodwin Champions and got an auto of this one Racing chick Maryeve Dufault. The guy at the store was like, she's canadian and was in maxim that's all i know.

So here are some pics. I am looking for topps 1987 minis. and the base set 1-660 and us1-330 And anything Current Blue Jays or Jays Prospects/Andrew McCutchen.

[Image: F08B7B73-0184-4DE6-9F98-D6B1BE84DD6A-308...7FE696.jpg]

[Image: 30BEDC7F-9C3D-439C-AC5A-7E990BEAD050-308...2C560C.jpg]

[Image: 0F198829-05DD-432F-9797-6D712F851DD3-308...F4F550.jpg]

Tom Milone Rookie Auto
[Image: CD92C0A2-E8A0-4103-91AB-36DC86A6EFB3-308...5E2D85.jpg]

Matt Treanor Silk Collection /50
[Image: A1ABCEE0-CFAD-4644-9F75-225B3E9D2263-308...751320.jpg]

Gerrit Cole Bowman Orange Border /250
[Image: F24F640E-3AD5-4636-ADEA-5084059473DE-308...B8E5B6.jpg]

Ryne Sandberg HOF Plaques
[Image: DC414BEF-62D9-492A-8580-EA082C133CEF-308...7A4D48.jpg]

RA Dickey All Star Game Relic
[Image: E907500A-5816-4429-90EC-8AD0D7E4064C-308...72C756.jpg]

Random GC Auto Maryeve Dufualt
[Image: 0B4C3503-CC48-4A1F-8578-711CBCC2BDED-308...86A36B.jpg]
Nice pulls! The R.A. Dickey looks like a patch piece, not a jersey piece, is it?


I got him too haha
Im not entirely sure on the Dickey, It seems to be...maybe. ha. Really quite hard to tell to be honest. Just glad I got some nice bang for the buck.
The Chrome was utterly dissapointing. and yes Brad Miller.
His minor league stats look impressive....if that means anything.
sweet sandberg card
Nice pulls!
If the swatch is darker blue than the normal powder blue, then it's a patch.
Upon Further Review...
It is a Patch.
Sweeter than I thought.
Nice job!
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