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So this has been done a couple of times, by Whodeyalltheyway and Bakerman I think.
This time will be just a little different.

The FIRST LETTER of the player's LAST NAME needs to be the first letter of the FIRST OR LAST NAME in the next card posted.

PLEASE, JUST ONE POST, PER DAY, PER PERSON, so that way more people can play and show off their cards.

Here's mine to start, my new favorite piece of cardboard from Miss 34 herself:

[Image: holycrapnewadditions_0003.jpg]
I like these!! Smile

One a day is a good move. Usually what ruins it for me is the person who posts 45 of the same guy over and over and over again.

Here you go: Sergio Kindle

[Image: img116-1.jpg]
dang u fast woman!! i will put the Kosar up

[Image: 011-8.jpg]
I'll play:
[Image: olinase.jpg]
I think this is right

[Image: KolbySmith.jpg]
[Image: 9-5-2012105856AM.jpg]
[Image: georgia1-1.jpg]
Great cards everyone!
Awesome, how about this?
[Image: SJAX.jpg]
1999 Playoff Contenders SSD #183 Jim Kleinsasser AU RC
[Image: JimmyK.jpg]
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