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I'm sitting on a Ripken regular die cut in hopes of trading it for Trout, but have been unsuccessful so far. I have, however, been offered a Jeter.

I'm not real worried about BV, so much as trade bait or resale. So, who would you go for, Ripken or Jeter?
I'd take the Jeter, then trade it for a Trout. Maybe someone would want the Jeter for the Trout who didn't take a Ripken for a Trout.
That's how I got my Ozzie. I unlocked Hanley Ramirez and of course no one wanted to trade an Ozzie for Hanley, so I traded it for Starlin Castro, Castro for Wade Boggs, Boggs for Ozzie.
Yeah you kind of have to keep upgrading until you get what you want.
Yeah, I went Ruth to Ripken and now to Jeter. Hopefully that'll get me the Trout. Worse case scenario I have a Jeter.
You might have to upgrade again and then trade for Trout.
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