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2012 Certified was horrible.

[Image: Lastbreaksforawhile_0001.jpg]

[Image: Lastbreaksforawhile_0002.jpg]

Only 2 I was remotely excited about was the Rainey and the Forte.

Nice box of Contenders, 2 Playoff Tickets and 6 autos.

[Image: Lastbreaksforawhile_0003.jpg]

[Image: Lastbreaksforawhile_0004.jpg]

I'm done busting for a while, spent too much lately. Probably going to make a trade thread this weekend and most of these will be ft.

Thanks for looking
The Contenders box was ok at least. The Von Miller auto is sweet.
Nice Contenders box!
not too bad on the contenders brother,....the Certified....not so much huh?....i am very unhappy with Certified this year...and i bet most will be also..
you usually have a Golden hand for breaks!
Actually it's Jeff that gets all the nice boxes lol.
Stoked with the Contenders, 2 RPA's and the Miller is #d/10. I like Kapernick too so it was a good one for me.
I think the Barry Sanders is the best card out of that Certified box! lol. Gotta agree with everyone else--just not much there.
check me for the kaepernick
Ouch brutal Certified break but not bad on the Contenders, grats
That's a nice Von Miller
Damn, that Von Miller /10 would like nice in my Von Miller PC collection.
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