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I finally got some time to put some of my sets into pages and as I was going through my Series 2 I noticed something about the Barajas card I have. The back is upside down. Is this something common with Topps or is it rare? Not expecting a big score just wondering if I should pull it from the set and put it aside or just leave it alone. Here are a couple pics.

[Image: 483BE050-38FE-4BC3-A0FC-18CBAB569191-164...D46B60.jpg]

[Image: DC9444D2-E187-4D6F-945F-168A52624AF2-164...03A0A5.jpg]
The one we have is the same way. There is also a #395 Barajas, same number as Jonathan Lucroy, which the back is right side up. I don't think the two #395 cards are even listed in the price guide. Last time I checked, the only #395 listed was Lucroy.
You could almost call it a double error. error that it was upside down and an error by giving it an identical # already in the set.

sigh.. Topps....
#391 Barajas has an upside down back. #395 Barajas has right side up back. There is also a #395 Jonathan Lucroy, which is right side up, too.
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