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Hey guys. I received a package today from one of my ebay pick ups and the seller i guess decided to throw in a freebie...... I dont know if this is a reprint or not. If not, is it considered as an xrc/extended rookie card and how much is it worth because i can't seem to find it on beckett... Thanks.

[Image: c352aa193d741d971c6f88f7a595d6f4_zps499c3eac.jpg]

[Image: d2afcf9e780e17c67dd80aad6fb4f017_zpse8e7edb6.jpg]

Card seems to be in mint condition by the way and I've read that there are Jordan counterfeits.... Hope you guys can give me some info on this.... Thanks.
definitely a reprint. card #101 is the XRC (considered to be by most collectors anyway).

"Some" consider #101 to be his true RC, but I beg to differ.
This might help ya:
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