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Full Version: Lets Go Nats
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Not a Nats fan to be honest but im lovin how there playing this series this game got off to an exciting start! I would love to see them get to WS
Looks like they're busting it open. Cards have a lot of work to do. Though I hope Gio keeps dealin.
"Not a Nats fan", something tells me you're a D-Backs fan instead Big Grin
Hahaha your very observant buddy!Smile
Cards have the magic... That's why I don't want to face em... They just don't die
The nats are just falling apart its hard to watch!!
I thought this game was over...i was rooting for the Nats, Reds, Orioles ....just my luck not one of them is moving on
What Nats!?!?!?!? Cards don't give up baby!!!!!!
(10-12-2012 10:27 PM)dbacksfan Wrote: [ -> ]Hahaha your very observant buddy!Smile

Thanks, I just couldn't resist. Big Grin
Looks like the cards are on a roll....... 1-0 up in the NLCS
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