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Pretty cool first auto was Barry krauss - help bama win against penn state after a hell of a block at the 3 yard line I believe , hit head to head with a running back trying to pull a tebow and jump over the line in the end zone

2nd auto leroy cook 02/25 ole timmer my dad said he was a bad dude

I completed a full set after my 2 box bust 90 base set and Inserts 89-100 titled roll tide threw the years based on huge plays to win championahips

Other inserts are national championships , star players , triple and dual duos or trips such as quarterbacks , recievers , running backs etc...
2 gold icon inserts cards of legends and rookies bart starr , Broadway Joe, ingram, Alexander etc... I can put more pics up if anyone is interested
[Image: IMAG0651.jpg]
Pretty cool cards...never much of a college fb fan myself though.....Smile
Oh yeah every card was a good one for me and I got that sick auto u sent me thanks again man
I love when everything in a box is PC. Thats how it was when UD did a Carolina Basketball box for 2010-2011, had 2 autos per box too for like $45. I wonder who the SSP is in this set. Congrats on the PC additions!
Thanks man I'm very pleased with the box since I made a base set , the inserts are what has me comming back cause there is so many of them. Hopefully next time ill pull a ingram auto !!!!
Nice stuff, man! Now if only they'd make a Wisconsin set...
Oh yeah kinda didn't like that the autos were on sticker but oh well
Nice autos
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