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Some of you guys may know me already, I'm Andy Broome and I am the Senior Vintage Grader here at BGS.
This post isn't 'official' Beckett business and I hope the mods do not mind this post, but I wanted to share my new book that was released this week called 'Collecting the Collector'.
The book is a collection of cartoons and humor for and about collectors.
The book is 86 pages with foreward by Antiques Roadshow appraiser Simeon Lipman.
A preview is available on my site:

The book is currently available on Amazon and will be available at some shows and comic cons.

[Image: coverpromo002.jpg]

Looks like a fun book.
cool. hope it's a success for you.
Any plans to release it digitally? Ebook.
(10-11-2012 11:08 PM)uvaspina Wrote: [ -> ]cool. hope it's a success for you.

I appreciate that.
(10-12-2012 07:58 AM)acevanquish Wrote: [ -> ]Any plans to release it digitally? Ebook.

Yes! It will be released for the Kindle soon.
Very cool. Looking forward to getting it on Kindle.
Looking forward to getting it.
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