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Cecil Gordon passed away September 19 after a brief battle with Cancer.

Cecil was born in the Mountains of Western North Carolina and some of his family still resides here.

He drove for 17 years mainly using the number 24.

He never did win but did finish the season in the top five three times. all in the early 70s.

Upon retiring from driving he stayed in NASCAR as a crew member including time with Dale Sr.

Cecil does have trading cards available. 19 of them to be precise. He also has 3 diecast of the 24 car.

Some of you know I have a display case called memorial lane. It stores 1/64 scale diecast and when a driver dies i place his diecast in it. To date I now have 60 cars placed with cecil being number 60
[Image: memln-1.jpg]
I still think thats a great display you have. RIP 2 great members of Nascar history
Sick display rip
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