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So I got up today excited because I saw that the mail was coming and according to USPS a couple cards should be coming in today from eBay. I finally had the opportunity to check and I got 3 packages! Two from ebay users and 1 from Topps! Now this Topps envelope could be 1 of two things, #1 I have an NFL Platinum redemption that should be arriving in the next who knows how long or #2 I sent in two damaged cards from a box of 2012 Chrome that I forgot to send in the box UPC code on... So, naturally I open the ebay packages FIRST!!!
[Image: IMG_1837.jpg]

and the second eBay package!
[Image: IMG_1838.jpg]

and FINALLY the Topps Package!!!
[Image: IMG_1839.jpg]

That Brett Lawrie is my first Rookie Short Print, and the Matt Hague was my first Sephia Refractor.

Overall pretty excited, sending them all in to be graded except the Hague.
Very nice stuff! Love the Brett!
sweet It sounds to me that you will be enjoying more of these packages in the future Wink
is the lawrie FT? I have an Aaron Crow Finest green refractors auto if your interested.
Great stuff. Love the 1970 Topps Aaron and Jackson cards especially.
That '70 Aaron card is great! Nice-looking corners.
I am really hoping for an 8 or 9 on the 70s cards. I know the centering is off but I think I read that BVG is a tad more forgiving on the older cards.
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