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I still have the Arod 2004 SP Game Used Patch Significant Numbers /50 for trade or sell I'm looking for a Robert Griffin III so I would love to trade for one or sell so I could go out and buy one.
Someone must be interested in trading or buying this card so I could find a RG3
Pm me the value if your intrested in trading fome something other then a rglll. maybe for trade bait.
I too am interested, just dont have any. RG3
Point401 I could not find anything from my favorites of players in Yankees,Redskins and Celtics uniforms.
What is the SV of this? And where is the scan?
Sorry I forgot the link to the scan here it is
You can check me if you want.
dbroockerd I did not find any autos I can use from players in Yankees,Redskins or Celtics uniforms.
Please check me for it. Might be willing to do a part cash, part trade deal, but I don't have any RGIII.
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