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I love my Saints and am a fan of Brees, but I do agree. I'll be in the dome cheering when he breaks Unitas' record and we finally win a game. This off season really ticked me off though.
Ouch, they just had to mention Palmer not winning anything. Lol. Tongue
I also agree with the article, we've seen many other players take a bit less so they could sign other important players. With all of the other things that happened this offseason Brees did his team no favors by being greedy for a few extra million
Brees has being running around in the back field every game. He's never been under that kind of pressure consistently. Carl Nicks is greatly missed.
Its a little hard for me to believe the extra $3 million Brees wanted caused all the issues the Saints are in right now. If the Saints wanted Nicks back bad enough they wouldve figured out a way to do it. I think this is an article written by someone who wants attention and guess what he got it! Its also a little funny to me he said nothing but nice things about Sean Payton. Doesnt he realize Sean Payton knew about the bounty program as well??? I say leave Brees alone and appreciate all the things he did not only on the field but off the field as well. The Saints will be back next year...or at least we can hope!
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