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I busted an HTA box plus 2 extra jumbo packs. It looks like I completed the base set in the box, however I had dupes of 6 or so inserts. Here are the manufactured relics, I love these:
[Image: schmidt.jpg]
[Image: rickey.jpg]
Now the other hits, black parallel, SP, and presidential predictor (bleh).
[Image: break.jpg]
Highlights of the Sparkles and '87 minis:
[Image: sparkles.jpg]
And the gold parallel highlights:
[Image: golds.jpg]

All in all, I could have done worse, could have done better. I may not have got my money's worth but I'm pretty much satisfied. I didn't pull a Mark Hamburger auto!
Very nice!
Very nice!
Those manufactured relics do look great. Classic photo on the Granderson, too.
a whole set in one box break! i may get one after all. that yadi isnt for trade by chance is it?
Sweet! Waiting on my 2 boxes. Love the Schmidt & Golden Moments Auto....looking to move either? Thanks for showing........
Nice break...............are any of the golden sparkle cards FT?
Yadi is not for trade, sparkles are not yet but may be soon, and the hits are only for sale at the moment. I do love those HOF relics, there's an Ozzie that I will have to get a hold of.
For anyone who was curious I did in fact get a whole set in the box, something that never seems to happen with Update.
Sweet Henderson, let me know if you interested in letting it go.
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