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Saw this at the card shop today and thought about this thread so I picked it up. Do you need it or want it?

[Image: 508D9938-5144-488A-B68D-3FFF61E5885A-173...FCCACE.jpg]
I thought you owned them all already!!!Smile

I have a bunch but always wanting more or everything...what you need for it?
(01-25-2013 06:22 PM)erasertwentytwo Wrote: [ -> ]I thought you owned them all already!!!Smile

hardly lol. My collection is not to that point yet...but it is damn hard finding new cards that really get my attention.
Nothing man, just PM your address and I will send it to you. I found it in the $2 bin.
Thats sick! PM coming.
Ill trade for keary if I like the card. 8+ Million card inventory
up up up up up
I actually picked some decent ones up recently .... anymore out there?
How many trades you get per month on here regarding Colbert?
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