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I just pulled out of a box an Artifacts Tandem Trio, Red, Triple Fight Strap, Brodeur, Belfour, and CuJo, #2 of 6. Anyone have any idea yet about the value of a card like this?
[Image: image_zps6496d241.jpg]
It'll never be booked because it is Not Priced Due TO Scarcity... but I would say that it can fetch a pretty penny! Haha! Very nice card... congrats! A pic would be a great thing to see.

Picture on the way.
Yeah, it'll be NPDTS forever. Anything under /10 basically is in that category. However, you've got 1 active goalie and 3 retired, all of whom are considered among th best goalies of the 90s and at least one of them (Brodeur) is one of the best goalies ever to play. I can't put a number to it for you, but it's value is pretty high.
Until another one sells, there's no way to know. As said, a value isn't going to show up in the guide because of it's rarity.

That being said, 3 guys who each have a pretty psychotic fanbase bidding on thier cards. Definitely a "who has the deepest pockets" contest kind of card.
I'm having trouble uploading a photo. When I upload the file it looks like a broken link appears rather than the photo. I'm new to these boards. Can someone help? I'd love to post a photo of this card.
Here is the FAQ's for the site. They give you some information, but not all... though there is a great explanation of the best way to post pics! Hope that this helps some, and if you have any other questions, just give one of the more experienced members a holler!

Yeah, it won't get priced, but at least $100, depending on who's buying it.
Picture posted.
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