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I have been collecting for years; however, just recently got into acquiring cards from the T206 set. While I imagine there are relatively few to be had through trading on this site, I was wondering who else here collects them.

Specifically, I was hoping to enter into a discussion regarding the potential pitfalls involved with the purchase of ungraded specimens. To date, I have only bought seven graded copies; however, would like to begin picking them up on a regular basis (commons, at the very least) when I see them in VG through EX condition - and - not shy away from copies which have not been, "slabbed."

From my personal experience with vintage material (1952 - 1973 Topps thus far,) trimmed or otherwise altered cards are offered for sale more than once in a while. From what I have gleaned regarding T206, this unfortunate occurrence appears to be quite a bit more prevalent. So, to help point this thread in a meaningful direction, I pose the following question:

What advice would you give to a relative newcomer to tobacco cards that he might be able to relate to post-war material?

I would greatly appreciate your insight.

Best Regards,

If you stick with a grade around VG and are only buying commons, I think you are pretty safe. I'd still stick with graded for the bigger names though.
@ beatles guy - what you recommend makes sense; however, the sizes of ungraded T206 specimens I have seen appears to vary somewhat - and - I have read that this is normal, especially with American Beauty backs...for reasons that are apperently under debate at the present time. That discussion is something else entirely and I do not wish to delve into that at this particular point in time.

The discussion above includes cards that are larger than typical, as well as smaller. It woud seem to me that spotting trimmed T206 cards does not involve looking for (using 1971 Topps as an example) holding prospective purchases up against known unaltered examples to gague the size and looking for touchup marks along the edges with a black marker.

Please know that I have been collecting since 1976. In this forum, I am seeking to open up a discussion regarding T206...and the inherent qualities that help casual collectors (or newbies to T206 like me) sidestep the corruption that has plagued the hobby and driven people out of it. With the help of the Internet, I have found out quite a bit about things such as long wave black lights, etc.

This communities opinion would be truly helpful.

Best Regards,

i am fortunate to own 1- graded 1909-11 T206 graded by CSA 8 Johnny Evers with Bat, Chicacgo on shirt with Piedmont backing.
I been trying to sell it, .

I am skeptic at buying the "hof'ers for sure, they are either trimmed, or altered in many ways Buy graded on older cards, unless thru a respective dealer.

I understand with thickness of cards, even the new ones come in different thickness at times. I always loved the look of the vintage and the stories behind them.
I even ran across where people separated the front and backs and pasted more valuable backing on them (like Tolsti) which are rare.
You can throw the book out when it comes to NM and better specimens. It is highly recommended that if you do go into high-grade T206s, make sure they have been slabbed. Nothing against the other grading companies, but when it comes to pre-war, I put my trust in SGC.

You can also try to get a lower grade of HOFers. I usually go for those in "poor" condition that have back damage but is superb in the front. And these are a fraction of the price of what it would have gone for if slabbed at EX or higher. See example below.

[Image: 01-2009_Lajoie_T206_PSA_1_A.jpg]
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