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Think I did ok...

[Image: 2012ToppsChromeBreak2.jpg]

[Image: 2012ToppsChromeBreak3.jpg]

[Image: 2012ToppsChromeBreak1.jpg]

As far as I'm concerned you did more than ok, Brett Lawrie is great. nice break, congrats.
Agreed. Zack Cosart is no slouch either. Nice break!
Nice. If you decide to part with the cespedes lmk.
Nice break indeed.. I sent you an open offer for that dickey
I would be interetsed in the Lawrie if its available
Thanks All!!
love a shot at the Lawrie if its for trade. lmk. thanks
That is a better break than most of the boxes I have opened so far. I'm interested in both of the Pedroia's and the Lawries if they are FT.
Cards for trade have been uploaded in my Org.
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