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As some here know, there was contest for the entries to the Super Collector issue last month, and what do you know, I won one. I haven't won anything in my life since a candy corn counting contest back in 2nd grade. Here it is:

[Image: 2012BeckettSuperCollectorPrize.jpg]

A big thank you goes out to Beckett and editor Chris Olds for picking me to be in the magazine and awarding me a prize. It's been fun.
nice but its useless with that stevie y sig on it soooooo........ you should send it to me!!!!! lol
Holy crap thats amazing
Sweet card....could you just cut the lemieux portion out and send it to me! THANKS!!
very nice card congrats on your win
Completely useless card...they're not even in their Team Canada uniforms.

Seriously though - WOW! Congrats! Is the card serially numbered on the back?
Wow that is some prize! I woulda been happy with one of those guys but 6!! Just amazing congrats and your PC is unreal so you do deserve it
Unreal!!! It's an amazing thing to have a collection like yours, another to be featured in a magazine about it... and then to have such a brilliant prize added to the mix!!! Congrats!!!

Wow congrats on that man
congrats on the win and what an awesome card
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