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I thought I'd be able to resist, but I should have known better. Think I did okay, no home runs, but some nice solid hits. All will be available, though some will be tougher to get, so let me know what you think/want below and I'll get them loaded into my org as they're added. Cheers.

[Image: ttt1.jpg]
[Image: ttt2.jpg]
[Image: ttt3.jpg]
[Image: ttt4.jpg]
Back of Henderson & Inside of Booklet:
[Image: ttt5.jpg]
Nice pulls! I really like the booklet!
Some nice pulls! I'd love to snag that Rizzo from you and possibly the Markakis.
Sweet Break! Love the Butler and Booklet! At 200 a box its not easy to get your money but it looks like you did pretty good!
Strange they put David justice as a Yankee and not a brave
I love that book, but find it odd to use "bat pieces" for pitchers..
If the Griffey and 001/ of Hamilton are FS/FT please let me know. Sweet pulls btw especially the booklet.
i think u did alright!! i would like a chance at the Butler and the Henderson card. check me please.
please check me for the david justice auto. thank you
Nice 3,000 k club card !
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