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107 D.J. Williams FW
109 Stevan Ridley FW
110 Cameron Heyward FW
119 Christian Ponder FW
125 Virgil Green FW
128 Greg Little FW
131 Derrick Locke FW
135 Greg Salas FW
136 Jerrel Jernigan FW
138 Prince Amukamara FW
140 Pat Devlin FW
143 Ronald Johnson FW
146 DeMarco Murray FW
148 Cameron Jordan FW
149 A.J. Green FW
156 Jonathan Baldwin FW
158 Tandon Doss FW
159 Torrey Smith FW
164 Jordan Todman FW
167 Edmond Gates FW
177 Bo Jackson FW
186 Doug Flutie FW
187 John Cappelletti FW
191 Barry Sanders FW
194 Dan Marino FW
195 Charles White FW
198 Drew Bledsoe FW

202 Mark Ingram
203 A.J. Green
204 Cam Newton
216 DeMarco Murray
229 Christian Ponder
232 Andy Dalton
Offer sent

Hey Mike, I sent you back a comment, that one just sold a couple hrs ago on the bay or I would of made the deal with you.

(09-24-2012 08:16 PM)jojostud3 Wrote: [ -> ]Offer sent

FB Night Bump.
i have the jordan todman FW
I think I could use that one if we can get a slightly larger trade going....

(09-28-2012 02:39 AM)sdbolts Wrote: [ -> ]i have the jordan todman FW
Bump for the update.
Have this one...

[Image: 602C62C5-DE1B-4FFD-A9C5-0A6FFEDE188F-129...A1D01F.jpg]
I could use it if you see something of mine you could use.

(10-12-2012 01:23 PM)dylan1018 Wrote: [ -> ]Have this one...

[Image: 602C62C5-DE1B-4FFD-A9C5-0A6FFEDE188F-129...A1D01F.jpg]
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