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I'm looking for every base card made of mark ingram and will be adding trade bait real soon.
2011 press pass
Power pick
Bannar season
Graduating class ingram /Thomas
Score board ? Card #2
Trophy club #58
Past & present ingram /e.smith

Sage hit
Big time vision
Card #22
Card #42

Upper deck
Saturday in action
Dream tandems gabbert/ingram
Head to head cc-6 cam /ingram **could use 1 more **
Press pass legends #9
Sp authentic #95
2011 Topps :
Topps town Tt-4
Insert mini
Base rc and Chrome rc
Topps rr grey and gold
Topps platinum refractor
2011 Topps finest moments
2011 Topps Chrome rookie rec.
2011 Topps finest freshman
2011 Topps finest refractor
2011 Topps gameday insert
2011 Topps quad combo qc-ilwt
2011 Topps triple combo tc-iww
2011 score base rc
2011 score hot rookies & hc scoreboard
2011 bowman wc - 5 ones blue other is grey
2011 panini NFL player of the day
2011 Topps legends rc
2012 Topps pp-mi
2012 score #26
2012 topps base
2012 prestige base

Thanks for looking
Good luck. Just keep looking, keep posting and eventually you'll kick it in the butt and get them all!
Have the score base RC and elite serial /999
I do need the elite from either year the only # elite cards I have from this year is chandler harnish rc , dwayne Allen elite series rc , and hit list of karlos dansby and d'qwell Jackson
Thanks kool Kelly I think I have a lot of them so figured I'd do his first before I hop to my julio Jones set
Hey bama why havent you answered my message that I sent you twice now?
I know I have this,

2012 prestige base

I probably have this.
2012 topps base

and I might have this.
2012 score #26

Shoot me your address and I'll send what I have. You have some good karma stored up Smile for this.
Thanks man pm sent
Nightly bump in your favor...
Just got 2011 goodwin heisman and 2011 crown any more help on this game day ??
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