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I have been waiting for this product to come out since before the original release date was scheduled. I purchased three boxes after the card show today.

2 complete base sets 1-150 (I am a set collector so this is good)
However, I typically use the "hits" for PC stuff or trade or sell to generate revenue to buy new product...Which is why this was a terrible break. Let me know what you all think

Prestigious Picks Auto
Jordan Williams, John Henson,Evan Fournier,John Jenkins,
Terrence Ross, Royce White, Jared Cunningham, Tyler Zeller

Prestigious Pros
Brook Lopez

True Colors- Russell Westbrook

Inside the Numbers
LeBron, Marc Gasol

Stars of the NBA
LeBron, Russell Westbrook

Franchise Favorites
Kobe, Kyrie Irving

Hardcourt Heroes
Derrick Rose, Kevin Garnett, Blake Griffin, Dwyane Wade, John Wall
Chris Paul, Rudy Gay, Tim Duncan,Brandon Jennings

Bonus SHots /249
Chandler Parsons, Kris Joseph, Reggie Jackson
Bit hard to tell with the RC Auto's atm as they haven't played. But you did get a whole heap of stars from your other inserts. What were your game-used cards?
I'm interested in the Henson and zeller autos
Did you get any Klay Thompson cards besides the base RC?
The game used were the Westbrook True Colors and the inside the numbers (LeBron and Gasol).
As for the Autos I'm going to wait for the Beckett to update before trading. And no Klay THompson in these boxes.
Lebron and Westbrook are nice.
Not to bad alot of lebron james inserst
I feel a little better now. I pulled two of the playmakers inserts but I didn't list them. Apparently they are one per case. I only cracked 3 boxes so I am not sure how those odds work. I also don't know if my boxes were from the same case. ANyway, the playmakers were Josh Smith and Joe Johnson. It could have been much better in this capacity.
Nice break...
Just an update here. The book on the set has been established and about a week ago I put a total of about 25-35 cards on the Bay. All the auctions ended and I ended up feeling pretty good about the take on this product. It has made decent trade fodders on this site as well as at the LCS. Also, I only need 1 more card(which I picked up four of for cheap cheap on the Bay) to complete the entire base set plus rookies. Not that anyone necessarily cares but for the most part I feel good about this product.
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