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Went to walmart, I grabbed a baseball value box, girlfriend grabbed a football one. We were opening them on the couch, she asked me if I had gotten anything good. I said not really, so she asked me if I wanted a kiss for good luck. I did, and the next pack after the kiss was 2010 Bowman platinum, and in it was a Jerry Sands auto refractor.
Congrats man, gotta love those value boxes!
awesome, your girlfriend has a good luck kiss... she's a keeper.
Maybe i could buy a box and mail to you.she could kiss the box a mail it back to me lol.jkg congrats on a super pull.
is she hot? Wink
Imagine what you might've pulled had you gotten to second base. Smile
Nice auto congrats
Boom chicken brown cow ...
You must have been on the bang bus.
Here is the card I got and for the person who asked, yes she's hot.
[Image: 30391bc0.jpg]
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