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Okay, let's try this post again now that I've got the Organizer tool. It's been a while since I've done much in the hobby, so I'm new-again to, but I collected quite a bit back in the day (though on limited funds), mostly from around 1989-90 to 2002-03. I recently found some extra time to go back and see what I had sitting in all those boxes. I came across a box with several hundred RCs and am hoping to liquidate in bulk (i.e., everything in one (or two) trade(s)). I've pulled out only those that currently book for $1 or more, so no 1990-91 Hoops Frank Kornet RCs. There is a good deal of duplication; Beckett tells me the total value of the lot is $518.50. Everything should be at least a semistar-quality player or a premium/short-printed brand. If anyone is interested in pulling a bulk trade (or buying), let me know. In return, here's the type of stuff in which I'm interested:

Larry Bird (anything, including unlimited duplicates)
Michael Jordan (anything, including unlimited duplicates)
David Robinson (anything, including unlimited duplicates)
Eric Gordon (anything, including unlimited duplicates)
Yao Ming (anything, including unlimited duplicates)
Magic Johnson (anything with BV of $1 or more, including unlimited duplicates)
Reggie Miller (anything with BV of $2 or more, including unlimited duplicates)
1986-87 Fleer (anything in Ex-Mt condition or better, including unlimited duplicates)
Kevin Durant (anything, including unlimited duplicates)
Kobe Bryant (anything featuring only him (i.e., not a multi-player card) with BV of $1.50 or more, including unlimited duplicates)

Given that I'm new, I'm willing to ship first to established traders. Any interest? If so, reply to this thread or PM me. Thanks!
lmk via pm what you have for the players in my sig plus these guys - Mario Bennett, john Wallace, Lamond Murray, Charlie ward, detlef schrempf - and i'll see what I can do for you. It'll mostly be Durant, gordon and kobe.
sent an offer
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