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Just recently jumped in a 2012 Topps Chrome 5 case group break on another forum and picked up the Longoria, J-Hey, and Uggla spots.

First, a couple pulls from a blaster the other day:

[Image: DieCut.jpg]

On to the results:

Multiple refractors and X-fractors of each and these:

[Image: Refractors.jpg]

So you are thinking, meh.

And then this:


[Image: UgglaSuperFront.jpg]
[Image: UgglaSuperBack.jpg]

I was pretty happy with that. All are in my org for trade except the Super which is FOR SALE only. PM me with offers for the next few days before I decide to throw it in the bay or not.
I decided to throw it on the bay anyway. Still PM me if interested. Enjoy the scans.
Beautiful card! Congrats.
Nice #"d 1/1
that uggla card definitely ain't "uggla", it's gorgeous! congrats on the awesome pull.
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