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Howdy folks! I started my day off right, by going to the only place that I've ever seen where I can buy my morning coffee as well as packs of hobby hockey cards. I considered grabbing a scratch ticket and trying my luck, but previous attempts have left me somewhat hesitant to make that leap so early in the morning. Stepping up to the counter I spy something out of the corner of my eye in the glass display case-o-packs. Why, it's a single pack of SP Game Used just hanging out all by its lonesome, as I'm about to purchase my somewhat awful coffee. Do I dare? Yeah, I think I'll take that, and why not throw in the single pack of O-Pee-Chee left all by itself as well, leaving me with mere pennies left over from the two crisp twenties that I handed to the young lady at the counter. Two clear violations of the last pack rule, which is a HUGE rule in my book, thanks to my previous luck. I didn't have another O-Pee-Chee pack to compare the size of the pack, so I didn't see this one coming...

[Image: 11-12O-Pee-CheeTeamLogoPatchesNHL05-06to...rimary.jpg]

Hey, not bad! I've opened a couple boxes of O-Pee-Chee and not pulled any, but the last single pack that I opened landed me a Couturier Team Canada Signature, so the last pack rule works in my favor once again!

Now with the SP Game Used, I was skeptical. I have pulled a couple of nice cards this year, but most of the time I end up pulling a base card, a no-name RC and an Authentic Fabrics card of Dan Boyle or Tyler Bozak or something equally not-for-me. No offense to them, of course, but their cards honestly do little for my collection, and are marginal trade bait, at best. I was wrong, there was NO rookie card. Just four base cards and this almost-a-decoy...

[Image: SkinnerRedemption.jpg]

Luckily it has a few things written on it, like "Congratulations" and "redemption" and "Jeff Skinner." No complaints there.

Both are available, along with a bunch of other stuff that I've picked up over the last few weeks and added to the bucket but not actually posted about. Thanks for having a look!
Not too shabby... good thing you have a coffee addiction that brought you into that store....Id say you fared prety well...CONGRATS!
Sweetness congrats
Awesome pulls. Might tempt a lotto tix while buying the last pack. Oh and maybe forget the bad coffee.
Haha, dude you've done it again, lady luck shines on your rule! Awesome pick ups man Smile
Chris you are the king of the last pack. I have tried doing it several times but with not much luck. Congrats on the pulls.
Amazing pulls! Huge congrats, Chris! I would suggest switching to get better coffee, but you obvioulsy have the cards there. Conundrum for sure!

If only I had a place to satisfy both my hockey card and coffee addictions at once!
thats was some good luck
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