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Well, Im on the losing end again, hopefully with the random rc redemptions I will get lucky. There were a ton of rc's and inserts in the hoops box. I also like the design of the Kobe Anthology set. I always like limited and this box was probably the best out of 3 that ive opened this year. Gold standard is a beautiful product but by judging my break and others that ive seen, its way overpriced, but you have the chance at hitting some monster cards. Here are the hits, all are for trade, the redemptions have been redeemed but are for trade. Ive only added the hoops inserts and autos to my org, i am waiting for pricing to come out before i add the base and rc's.
Limited - Base /299 Jrue Holiday and Mike Dunleavy Sr., Lamarcus Aldridge Gu's 20/99, and Stephen Curry Masterful Marks Auto 16/50. Pulled 2 redemptions, 2012 Pick 5 Thomas Robinson, and 2011 Rc Auto XRCAA
Hoops - Rc Autos - Isaiah Thomas and Bernard James. Notable inserts, Action Photos - Kobe, Durant, and Blake Griffin, Courtside - Durant, Rubio, Draft Night - Anthony Davis, Glossy - Rc's of Bismack Biyombo, Isaiah Thomas, Evan Fournier, Rookie Impact - Kyrie Irving, Brandon Knight.
Gold Standard - Base /299 Nene, Chalmers, J. Crawford, Beasley, and Malone. Gu's Al Jefferson 45/149 and Kevin Willis 38/49 (I think the first Willis piece ive seen). Auto's Dan Issel 19/149 and Demarcus Cousins oncard auto 119/149. Redemptions - 2011 Rc Auto XRCS and 2012 Pick 29 Marquis Teague.
[Image: IMG_0001-26.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0002-24.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0003-12.jpg]
You pulled a couple Kings, too bad 1 of them wasn't their lottery pick Thomas Robinson. Who I've dubbed the second coming of "Truck" Robinson
I did pull the robinson redemption from limited. Where have you been man, I havent seen you on here in a long time.
You did! I must've some how missed that when I was reading your pulls, nice! Lots of Kings for you in this break
all those Kings autos, but no Mitch Richmonds for me Sad

I do think the Gold Standard looks a touch better this year, but not enough better to warrant the price. Hope those random redemptions pay off!
(08-30-2012 04:37 PM)pingbling23 Wrote: [ -> ]I did pull the robinson redemption from limited. Where have you been man, I havent seen you on here in a long time.

Yup, I've been away from card websites & YouTube for awhile now. Just been busy with life and such. Like I'm now officially a proud uncle to my brother's first born child. It's crazy to think that I'll be 47 years old when my niece will be 20 years old, just wow. She's the most precious thing I've ever seen!

I still collect cards and stuff, just too tired/lazy to ever post anything. I just busted 2 boxes of 12'12 Hoops last week, pretty happy that all 4 autos were of either last year's rookies or this year's rookies. Before that, busted a 11'12 Limited and pulled a nice card. And before that I think a box of 11'12 Past & Present, not bad pulled a Knicks auto for the pc. I'll try to post the breaks with pics sometime tonight, hopefully.

But yeah, my friends and I are still hoping UD/Topps get the NBA license back.. Hope you've been well!
Ping - you're killing me! You're killing me!!!! Dang nice Aldridge GU there.
Give me a shot at the Bernard James and Thomas autos...thanks!
congrats man I like the GS cards also.
Nice curry
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