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Been wanting to go to this LCS for a while and now that they graced the front page of Beckett with their recent pull in Football, I thought I had to finally go and check it out.

While there I was mainly getting a few supplies then was supposed to head to the mall and get a few gifts for the wife but I kept starring at hockey boxes. There was 1 box of Titanium and 1 box of SPx. Kept going back in forth and just said screw it and bought them both.

Now keep in mind, I RARELY and I mean RARELY open hockey boxes because I don't know what I'm really looking needless to say it was quite fun opening these boxes up! Opened up on site too!

First the hits from Titanium in pack order:

[Image: timmytjersey.jpg]
[Image: parrosperry.jpg]
[Image: dubberredemp.jpg]
[Image: stepanjersey.jpg]
[Image: backesauto.jpg]

Now the hits from SPx :

[Image: spxfrancis.jpg]
[Image: iggyjersey.jpg]
[Image: rayroyjersey.jpg]
[Image: skogpatchauto.jpg]
I had a blast opening these and I don't really know how I should feel about the breaks to be honest. The guys there were all gung ho about the Landeskog Patch/Auto and sadly I felt quite embarrassed because I had no idea who he even was till I looked up his info and saw he was the 2nd pick in the 2011 draft. So I felt pretty good about it.

I only pay for the baseball price guide and not hockey so I'm going to rely on you guys to tell me if I did ok on the breaks. I'm sure the jersey cards aren't worth much. lol
Nice stuff...I'd say that SPx is well above average. I think you got an extra hit in there, plus your jerseys, while maybe not high in BV, are of guys that people collect. There are Roy, Bourque, Read, Iginla collectors amongst us...Blues Ducks Rangers and Bruins too so with Titanium I think you got it covered. Plus, you got the 2nd best RC in the product and a nice 2nd tier Ice RC /499 (when /999 and /1999 were possible). Plus these cards look great. Congrats.
very nice, I would have been happy with both boxes!
Ahh I love that Roy and Landeskog!!
Nice hits
Nice hit on the Roy/Bourque and the Landeskog.
great hits! congrats
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