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I haven't busted card boxes in years, and suddenly got addicted to Panini Limited. I've gotten some great pulls, but also seen a few dud busts in between too. Here's a quick recap.
Box #1:
Stephen Curry Limited Threads (46/99)
Gordon Hayward Potential Auto (32/99)
Box #2:
Dirk Nowitzki Auto Patch Glass Cleaner (/25)
David Lee Team Trademarks (94/99)
2012 Draft Dedemption Harrison Barnes
Box #3:
DeMarcus Cousins Limited Threads (/99)
Jeff Hornacek Limited Signature Spotlight (/49)
Box #4:
Gary Neal Potential Auto Redemption Card
Shawn Marion/Steve Nash/Amar'e Stoudemire Limited Trios Prime Jersey Patch(/15)
Box #5:
Rudy Gay Team Trademarks Signature Materials
Chris Paul/Monta Ellis/Rajon Rondo Limited Trios Prime Jersey Patch (/15)
Box #6:
Brandon Jennings Material Monikers Prime Redemption
LaMarcus Aldridge Glass Cleaners (/99)

Box #7:
Steve Nash Team Trademarks Signatures (on card auto, 5/10)
Jrue Holliday Jumbo Jersey Patch (16/99)
Box #8:
Andre Iguodala Trophy Case Jersey Patch (52/99)
Rudy Gay Team Trademarks Signature Materials Redemption (Another one!)
Box #9:
Marcus Thornton Potential Auto (56/99)
Dwayne Wade Limited Threads (96/99)
Box #10:
Trevor Booker Potential Auto (16/99)
Kobe Bryant Limited Threads Jersey (66/99)
Box #11:
Ben Gordon Jumbo Jersey (77/99)
James Harden Team Trademarks Signature Materials Prime Redemption
Box #12:
Bob Love Retired Numbers On Card Auto(62/99)
Kevin Garnett Trophy Case Materials (14/49)
Box #13:
Magic Johnson Retired Numbers Auto Patch (10/25)
Greg Monroe Limited Threads Patch (66/99)
Box #14:
George Gervin Decade of Dominance On Card Auto (73/99)
Deandre Jordan Jumbo Jersey Number (62/99)
Box #15:
Marc Gasol Material Monikers Redemption Card(/49)
Tyreke Evans Team Trademarks Jersey Path (73/99)
Box #16:
Demar Derozan Potenial (/50)
David Robinson Retired Numbers Jersey Patch (66/99)
Box #17:
Artis Gilmore Glass Cleaners On Card Auto (88/99)
Mitch Richmond Retired Numbers Jersey (47/99)
2012 Draft Class Redemption Pick No. 10 (Austin Rivers)
Box #18:
Kobe Bryant On Card Auto Glass Cleaners Jersey Patch (24/49) !!!!!!
Jrue Holiday Jumbo Jersey Patch (54/99)
Box #19:
Tom Chambers Limited Signature Spotlight (1/49)
Karl Malone Limited Threads Jersey Patch (85/99)

Box #20:
Kevin Love Glass Cleaners Signature Materials (15/49)
Quentin Richardson Trophy Case Jersey Patch (11/99)
Box #21:
Michael Cooper Trophy Case Signature Jersey Patch (8/25)
Dwight Howard Trophy Case Jersey (8/99)
Box #22:
Terrence Williams Potential Auto (98/99)
Luis Scola Prime Limited Threads (2/25)
Box #23:
Eric Gordon Jumbo Jersey Prime Signature (8/10, Looks like a part of a Clippers jersey)
Rajon Rondo Team Trademarks Materials (14/99)
Box #24:
Jeff Teague Jumbo Jersey Signature (3/99)
Larry Bird Retired Number Jersey (4/49)
Box #25:
Derek Fisher Trophy Case Signature Materials Redemption
Clyde Drexler Decade of Dominance Jersey (66/99)
Box #26:
Marcus Thornton Potential Auto (56/99)
Tyson Chandler Glass Cleaners Prime Patch (7/25)
Box #27:
Serge Ibaka Team Trademarks Signature Materials
Chris Anderson Jumbo Jersey (24/99)
Box #28:
Larry Bird Trophy Case Signature Materials (21/25)
Glen Rice Trophy Case Materials (26/99)
Box #29:
2012 Draft Class Redemption Pick #9 (Andre Drummond)
Andrew Bogut Jumbo Jersey Numbers Auto (26/99)
Tony Parker Team Trademarks Materials (63/99)
Darn I can't view the photobucket links... But I am interested in the Bird's and Garnett's are they FS/FT?? Congrats on the breaks you have some nice pulls.
Updated with scans from the first 19 boxes. Will get scans of the other 10 up tonight. Bird and Garnett could be for sale. PM me.
Couldn't view the link either, but I'd love to trade for the Richmond, also like that Magic Johnson but don't have enough bait to pick it up!
Updated the links with scans. The Richmond should be up there.
Interested in the Dirk and the Trios CP/Monta/Rondo and Nash/Marion/Amare as well as the Jennings Prime Monikers...check me please...thanks!
Trading the kobe? Check out my limited break.
check me for the harden and ibaka thanks.
Please check me for the Drummond redemption, one of the Gay autos, and the Dirk!
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