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Full Version: cannot find on OPG
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I do not collect racing cards but this was sent in a trade. No idea where its at on the OPG. I cannot seem to find it. Also, If anybody wants it, it is for trade.

[Image: SCAN0034.jpg]
[Image: SCAN0035.jpg]
I see one auto #250. Not sure if thats the one but either way its not worth much. I may be interested , you can take a look if you want in my org.
It is listed as 2011 fanfare bronze autograph
MiniT and Shelby are right about the card.
I just wanted to say that you should alter your signature to mention that it only applies to your Total NHL collection. If you had more cards in your other collections, it would apply to them also. Most folks search for trades by team/player though, so the number of 5000 wouldn't matter at all. Just letting you know this info, in case you didn't know it.

BTW, I wouldn't mind having the Wallace AU if he could stop wrecking so often AND taking out contenders all the time.
Nothing against you at all, but he has been a wrecking machine for the last couple of years. He makes me think of Hornish Jr. when he was in the Cup Series.

Now we get to see that all over again. I honestly hope that Hornish learned something about racing in the Cup Series after spending the last couple years in the NW Series.

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