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The trades don't need to be high end. If you'd like to PM with what you have and what you're looking for in return I'd love to workout a trade. If you'd like to see a scan of something I have that won't be a problem at all. And, just to clarify, I have no problem shipping first. Thinking about becoming a DT super-collector so let me know.
I have these and looking for only RC auto's of mainly AJ Green, Dalton, Stanzi, Titus Young, Torrey Smith and a few more. I didnt see anything in your ORG but Im sure you might have something else?
I also have a bunch of Julius Thomas RC Auto's in my bucket!

[Image: DemaryiusThomasBGS7108238.jpg]

[Image: DemaryiusThomasBGS7108256.jpg]

[Image: DemaryiusThomas73-599.jpg]

[Image: DemaryiusThomas454-699.jpg]

[Image: DemaryiusThomasCrownRoyale12-50.jpg]

[Image: EricDecker22-251.jpg]
I have a five star rc patch auto
Looking for packers
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