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I'm a normal guest in the baseball forums,so for those who don't know me,I'm the cheapo guy. haha. I trade mainly for base/parallels/inserts. Don't usually have alot of hits. Anyways,here's some things I have right now for 2012.

I'm looking for:

Other Inception cards(2011 + 2012) of Ray Lewis,Ray Rice,Joe Flacco,Cam Newton & Colt McCoy. All variations. Plus as always just looking for any cards of my various favorite players.

[Image: scan0019-3.jpg]
[Image: scan0020-3.jpg]
[Image: scan0021-3.jpg]
offer sent
(08-05-2012 12:44 PM)jonathancard Wrote: [ -> ]offer sent

Sorry bud,didn't see anything I collect for the Auto. But thank you!
check me for the Luck
If you run across ingram or Richardson I'd be highly interested
Thanks .
I do like the d Williams I could put up more cards of you had a team or player you collect.
Up!!! Mark Sanchez /50,Michael Bush /75,Josh Freeman /123,Luck Bowman have been traded..
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