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Hi guys, I'm new and I spent the whole day going through some cards.

I have been searching by the set, then going into the raw value box, from there individually going to the page of each card and adding it to a collection.

Is there an easier way I should be doing this? The site itself is rather slow, and this is extremely tedious and time consuming.
Depends on your collection.

If for instance you know you have most of the 2012 Topps baseball set, you could search for it and on the page describing the set click the + button near the left hand side to add all base cards from that set into a collection. Then you can go to your collection page and just update numbers. You can do that with insert sets and parallel sets as well.

If you have a hodge-podge of cards though yeah it is pretty tedious, especially since you can't add a card to your collection and indicate how many in one step.
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