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I'm starting on this set from scratch and have a long ways to go. Please post a scan of what you have or even just a list if you can and we can get some deals done.

I'm slowly picking up some here and there from eBay but please post whatever because I'm always looking to upgrade to the highest grade possible.
Just picked this up for a good price a few minutes ago
Good luck on the set dude!! I've been putting together the '75 reg. & mini + football sets off & on for about 3 yrs. now. I'm roughly 1/4 done on the reg. set & the football set, a bit less on the mini's. Sorry I dont have any extra's for trade, but keep me posted on your pickups!!Big Grin

I'm going to make a thread with my pickups once I get a few more so then everyone can see what I have and help upgrade if they have it.
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