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How can you spot thedifferance in the Gold Versions and the Metal Versions? The metal-x I heard has little xs or refractor type? any help will be great Thanks!!
Base: No shine and very common, easy to identify...

Metal: It's the only parallel that doesn't shine rainbow. Turn it from side to side, if it doesn't shine rainbow colours and only reflects silver then you've got yourself a Metal.

Gold: Shines rainbow colours, but the O-Pee-Chee lettering is plain white with no rainbow reflection around the black lettering.

Metal-X: Shines rainbow colours as does the O-Pee-Chee lettering (the white part around the black lettering to be exact). Some have a textured mountain like backgrond too.
Thanks for the help!
The metal has a mirror-like appearance where the gold parallel has a more diffuse, rainbow-sheen to it. If you have them in hand it's pretty apparent. Unfortunately it doesn't show up as well in a scan:

[Image: 0809opc_roy_rainbow.jpg]
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