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Going to fill out my profile rest of the way tonight/tomorrow, and add some cards I am looking to trade. Mostly Lindros/Bure cards, but I will see what else I have. Have been away from the hobby for a while, but am going to get back in, but thinking I am going to shift to football/baseball.
Hello again guys, loaded up most of my Kovalchuk collection, except for a couple of cards that I cannot find in the opg. Please note that the pictures listed in my organize are not the actual pictures of the cards that I have. I am going to work on getting pictures uploaded to better represent what I have for trade. Also after looking through my old collection, besides Lindros/Bure, I also seem to have a lot of Turco and some Pronger game used/auto/rookie cards as well. So if anyone is interested let me know and I will prioritize adding that stuff to my organize.
Don't forget to mark your cards in the trade column. I went to go trade with you but it says no cards are available for trade.
Thanks, I just figured out how to mark them for trade I believe. How can I browse to someone else's trade page?
If you click on their profile, you can 'trade with person' and than it'll start a trade. It'll bring up all the cards you can chose from that the person has selected for trade.
Ill take a look at your org.
Hey everybody, updated my org a little bit tonight. Added about 30-40 cards, not sure. Check it out!
Can't send you open offer with out a default shipping address.
Ok, I figured out how to add address, I think.
Hey guys, super busy this week. I am going to check trade offers and look at org's, willl be sending emails/messages/return offers soon!

Thanks again!
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