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So I guess Lady Luck is on my side I picked up 1 totally Certified, 1 Sp authentic, and Picked up a Contenders and also a Plates and Patches and in every box i opened had an awesome surprise, the SP authentic last pack was a 2 Colored Cam newton, Last pack of the Totally Certified had On card Autograph rookie jersey card, and in my Contenders box the last three packs had the Cam Newton HOLY MOLLIE Im done before my luck in picking boxes out, Plates and Patches Box had a Triple Patch On Card Autograph of CAM Newton plus a rookie jersey of Cam Newton. . .
[Image: camnewton.jpg]
[Image: canew.jpg]:sign0020:
Wow!!! The odds were in your favor! Congrats!
I would recommend you play the lottery, Congrats!!!
Yeah try the lottery.... Amazing pulls!!!!
Go by a lottery ticket after thoses pulls
this makes me sick. lol
That's pretty awesome!
With all the boxes Ive bought, i have yet to pull a decent Newton. Congrats!
My god man I have bought a ton of boxes and can't land one of his high end cards for the life of me!! Congrats man at least someone has good luck!
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