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[Image: Resampled_2012-06-07_14-12-54_623.jpg]
Nice pickup man! You thinking about getting it graded? How much you end up spending on it? If you don't mind me asking.
500 bucks
Nice pick up, looks like the real deal, it might get 7.5. Either way Id get it graded.
Thanks, always wanted one for awhile, When I went in yesterday he had 3 of them 2 for $395 each banged up corners so i took the best one he had.
whats that dot near the bottom right? never pay more then 300 for an ungraded rc you think is legit, if you were willing to go 500, always go to ebay and pick up a graded one imo. either way, im happy for you, its an iconic card and is a nice addition to any collection.
(06-08-2012 03:41 AM)pingbling23 Wrote: [ -> ]whats that dot near the bottom right?

Good question.

Congrats on the pickup, I would like to know what the dot is also? Can you post a scan of the back also.
I'm guessing the dot could be a printers flaw when it was produced.
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