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I want to trade all of my remaining football for Cowboys cards. It doesn't matter if they're refractors, base, inserts. But I want them. I don't collect football and can use Cowboys as trade bait at my local LCS for Texas Rangers cards I need. Thanks in advance. I've listed a bunch of my better football cards in my ORG.

I have a 3,200 count box of 2010 and 2011 base cards that I am going to be trying to get rid of somehow. Not sure if I want to sell it for like $20 shipped or break it down by team and trade it. Everything is put together numerically by set. So it's easy to get to.

Also have a 1,600 count box full of inserts and RCs, parallels, refractors, etc. from 2010 and 2011 that I will be looking to get rid of. So that's my dilemma in getting out of football.

Thanks in advance and any advice on how to get rid of commons and bulk lots of inserts and RCs would be helpful.

[Image: may16scan0016-1.jpg]

[Image: may16scan0021.jpg]

[Image: may16scan0020.jpg]

[Image: may16scan0019.jpg]

[Image: may16scan0018.jpg]

[Image: may16scan0017.jpg]

[Image: May29scan0005.jpg]
I'd be interested in any Calvin Johnson's, Atlanta Falcon's players, Tim Tebow, Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady's, I have tons of Cowboy's chrome cards and inserts let me know what you have for what I am looking for and I ll put together my Cowboy's cards and send you a list of them
PLZ check me for the inserts box or just the Steelers. Have about 113 Cowboys card, nothing special, but let me know if interested.. Also, if you find anything(s) for the box..
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