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OK guys here is some mail.
got these from my monthly group break.
Gates jsy #/299
[Image: gatesjsy5-31-12.jpg]

Gates auto patch #/499
[Image: patchautogates5-31-12.jpg]

Then these 2 from a sale on scf.
Daniel thomas Legends auto
[Image: dtlegendsauto5-31-12.jpg]

Michael Egnew PP showcase auto #/149
[Image: egnewauto5-31-12.jpg]

Then 2 big purchases came in.
1st is my Matt Roth Jersey
This thing is beat to no end.
The front has a rip then resowed right down the front to the navel. The middle of the back has a rip the resowed with wire yes a plastic wire a few inches long. Just looks awesome.
[Image: Rothjerseyback.jpg]
[Image: RothJerseyfront.jpg]
[Image: closeupnumber.jpg]
[Image: lowerback.jpg]

Then these they only said they were signed in the desciption and i knew from the pic they had to be worn and if they arent then i dont know how they heck the still have grass on the bottom and dirt all over them.
These were worn (90% sure) and signed by Adwale Ogunleye while with the Dolphins. I have found pics of him wearing this same style so yea....
[Image: ogunleyeshoes.jpg]
[Image: rightshoemark.jpg]
[Image: leftshoewrighting.jpg]
[Image: undershoe2.jpg]
SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so jealous bro!!!
thanks man thought you may like them.
Maybe worn against buffalo?
awesome pickups. Love the jersey as well as the Thomas
(05-31-2012 02:51 PM)rogue655 Wrote: [ -> ]Maybe worn against buffalo?
Didnt even think of that thanks.

Thanks for the replys.
Very nice!!! Love the game used...
nice......! Smile
thanks guys
thats some sweet stuff.........For dolphins anyways....Tongue...J/K...GO RAIDERS...!!!!
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