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Ok, so I went and purchased a box of Gold Standard based on the feedback which was given in the following thread:

I think I did pretty good. Here's what I got:

- Carlos Boozer /299
- Bernard King /299
- Dominique Wilkins /299

24K - Kobe Bryant /299
Gold Medalists - Jason Kidd /299
Gold Crowns - Steve Nash /299
Gold Nuggets - Antawn Jamison /299
Gold Nuggets Jersey - Chris Paul /199
Gold Crowns Jersey - Tyson Chandler - /249
Rookie Auto - Luke Harangody - /299
Golden Age Auto - Dikembe Mutombo - /99
Golden Age Auto Jersey - Julius Erving - #2/3

[Image: 4-2.jpg]
[Image: 4-3.jpg]
[Image: 4-4.jpg]
[Image: baseerving.jpg]

Thanks for all the feedback. Updated w/scans.
Nice break! that stuff is hit or miss.
Nice break!
Sweet Dr. j, nice box all in all.
good break. Like that Dr J.

how much was the box?
weet juliusx
Nice break. If the kobe and mutombo are for trade. Please check me for them.
(05-27-2012 09:33 PM)jpleazme805 Wrote: [ -> ]good break. Like that Dr J.

how much was the box?

The box cost me $130.00
I'd say you did fairly well on your break for that price, congrats, love the Dr. J.
Glad you did Well in your break
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