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Hello all,

Thought I would showoff some MOJO that came my way yesterday. I do not open hockey like I used to in the late 90's, in fact, I could not tell you the last time I opened a box of hockey.

Yesterday during an LCS event I opened 3 packs of 2011-12 Contenders and pulled a redemption on some guy named Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. I have to admit I was clueless. Love my NJ Devils and follow the Rangers and Isles, but after the 2009 I could not tell you who was drafted by who. Needless to say everyone came running when I mentioned the name and now that I have looked him up on the boards I see he goes by RNH.

I am sure the hockey diehards are hating me about now, I know I hate it when someone pulls a great card on the football boards and they rarely open football. I am torn on trading the card, send me some open offers. It has not been redeemed. I collect only RC's from all sports. Will look thru ORG's. Would like $120 trade value for it.

JLMK Thx, Art
[Image: packwarsmay2012002.jpg]
congrats on the card! I'm interested...have a look at my organize and maybe you see something in there

by the way if you have something more specific i can look at the rest of my collection i havent put into my org yet and i can add them to my org.

Very nice card to yank from just three packs... or three boxes for that matter! Haha! Congrats, and I hope that you are able to land something nice for it. If I have anything that you would want, let me know. Thanks!

Check my org please.
Sick pull!
awesome hit congrats
Check my bucket!
Can't go wrong with the latest #1 overall pick, haha. Congrats! Check me for the RNH, I've got a bunch of goodies available.
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