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I was wondering if anybody had any Leonard Pope or Jonathan Dwyer to trade me?
Here comes a..........................BUMP!
I have this one 05/10:
Dwyer, Jonathan
Interested what's your trade value on it?
I'll bump it for today....
I KNOW THERE's some POPE AND DWYER out there in the blue yonder...Let me see them!
Don't bother asking for a bucket or looking at my ORGANIZE! Just tell me what you need price wise and trade value wise and what you'd want in return...
I have quite a few Dwyers and maybe a Pope. Ill PM you scans.
Do you have any Press Pass autos?
I wan't planning on having any Press Pass autos, but if you can supply them cheap or easily tradeable then maybe....
Cool thanks so much lsolarte1!
Looking for nice, but good priced or to trade for Jonathan Dwyer color, #'d, autos, jerseys, and more! Don't bother looking at my organize or asking for my bucket. Tell me the trade value and/or price and or what you expect or need in return.
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