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At the card show today, got board so I grabed 2 packs of 2006-07 ITG UM. Think I did pretty good

Patrick Roy Base 1/90
Paul Henderson Base 77/90
Patrick Roy Jersey/Auto Silver 15/50
Worsley/Giacomin/Richter Stick Rack Silver 11/25
Diacomin/Cheevers/Parant Triple Thread Silver 17/25
Frank Finnigan Sensational Sens 1/1



Also Picked up two More Ultimate Memorabilia
2008/09 Cam Neely Ultimate Base Card Silver 19/90
2008/09 Teemu Selanne Hometown Heroes Silver 9/24

Very cool Finnigan auto! The others aren't too shabby either, congrats!
Amazing stuff
Great breaks on the 2 and awesome pickups!
Amazing neely
Interested in the stickrack if it's for trade, throw me a PM with your interests.
you killed it congrats

that papercut is pretty sweet
I did pick up some more of the Ultimate Memorabilia. The guy at the show was blowing out boxes, then found a guy selling some. Ended up trading for them. It is mainly a baseball card show with some football, then there was 5-6 of us with hockey. So was able to get some good deals on hockey.
here are some of the other pulls. Bear with me on this, still getting everything sorted. I think that I may hold on to most of the stuff for a little, but you never know.
From 11-12 ITG UM- Opend a pack

Bernie Geoffrion Base 6/9
Ed Giacomin Goalie Legend Auto 21/24
Rivalry Gold O'Teilly,Park,Cheevers,Lafleur,robinson,Shutt 1/1

The Finnigan is a great pickup. Do you want to part withe the Giacomin/Cheevers/Parent Triple Thread Silver 17/25?
that Rivalry Gold O'Teilly,Park,Cheevers,Lafleur,robinson,Shutt 1/1 is pretty nice! congrats
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