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I love this stuff! Wish there were more Caps in it. Here's what I got:

Not Pictures: Mike Smith 10th Anniversary (PC) Tim Thomas Masked Men Silver

[Image: 5-11-121.jpg]

Miikka Kiprusoff 10th Anniversary
Ilya Bryzgalov Masked Men
Craig Anderson Masked Men
Roberto Luongo La Belle Province Auto
Ty Rimmer/Carey Price Aspire Jerseys /140
Thomas Greiss Stars of the Game Auto
Tyler Bunz Future Stars Auto
J.S. Giguere/ Ilya Bryzgalov Cup Tandems Jerseys Gold /10

Sorry for the big pic, couldn't fit it all in the one scan.

[Image: 5-11-123-Copy.jpg]

Antero Nittymaki Patch Silver /19

I wish it would've been a better player but who can complain about that patch? All will be FT when BV's come out. As always, comments are welcome.

Very cool box... but you can expect both bigger player's stuff to drop. Nitty did NOTHING in San Jose, and Bobby Lou is all but done in Van City! Hopefully you will be able to land something nice for them!

Ohh SNAP, id love a crack at that Niitty eventually. Yeah he did nothing in SJ, but we had Niemi at the same time. He was alright as back up season before the one just gone. If he gets healthy maybe hes got a couple years left in him.
Not bad
great stuff!
Nice 4clrs! Whether the player is stellar or not, still a beaut of a patch.
Can't go wrong pulling a patch like that, even if its not a super amazing player.
Awesome Nitty... He kinda got screwed over in SJ after they signed Niemi... No matter how well he played at the start of last year, theyd always go right back to Niemi... Even when Nemo was stinkin up the place they wouldnt give Nitty a fair shot (Nittys mask was cool too)
sweet Cup Tandems Jerseys gold!
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